Intelligent Automation

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Discover, Improve, Retain... Repeat

Combining leading edge technologies, WorkDone™ software delivers rapid business process hyperautomation that accelerates your organization’s digital transformation and drives continuous improvement.
The WorkDone™ platform leverages business best practice data to produce digital agents or software that is able to automate increasingly complex and repetitive back-office tasks. This allows organizations to scale without additional headcount and staff can focus on more strategic work.

WorkDone's hyperautomation advantages include:
  • Automate repetitive tasks, such as order and invoice processing seamlessly and accurately
  • Realize efficiencies in a matter of weeks with an average 30% efficiency improvement
  • Increase transaction integrity, maintain service-level compliance and reduce errors
  • Utilize machine learning for continuous process and performance improvement--the longer it runs, the better it gets
  • Requires minimal IT support and done completely behind the scenes