Enterprise & SMB

From multinational enterprises to 10-person back offices, the WorkDone® AI platform provides scalable benefits to organizations of all sizes.


For Enterprise customers, WorkDone® software provides a comprehensive AI driven review of your organization's operations and is able to use big data to zero in and solve not only individual pain points, but identify and solve larger macro issues as well. This comprehensive approach allows your company to quickly regain its ability to optimize and scale to the next level
The WorkDone® platform strategically empowers enterprises to:
  • Identify and move past process bottlenecks to allow quick and efficient organizational change
  • Create efficiencies by automating time-consuming processes, allowing staff to focus on more strategic work
  • Gives you a birds-eye view of the entire organization with a targeted analysis of where to focus resources
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Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

SMBs will benefit by having WorkDone’s® patented Expertise Capture® technology codify existing knowledge from Subject Matter Experts, while providing deep organizational insights that allow them to become more strategic in how the organization's day-to-day work is handled. This eliminates waste, fine-tunes productivity, and creates a customized roadmap for a frictionless work environment.
The WorkDone® platform seamlessly enables SMBs to:
  • Streamline chaotic work environments
  • Identify and define clear goals and objectives
  • Build processes that allow SMBs to scale up